52 Tips to Break Into Project Management


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WELL, my first batch of college students will graduate in a few short weeks and I am just super thrilled for them. They all worked so hard – it will be really gratifying to watch them step up to the stage and step into the world. Some of them are already in their first junior project management position which is very exciting. Some of them are still looking, though, and I thought they deserved a little help.

After classes wrapped up and all my marking was in, I reached out to my project manager friends around the world and asked them if they’d like to offer a tip for my soon-to-graduate students. These are extremely busy people and I was just thrilled with the overwhelming support for my class that filled my inbox in a few short days. Fifty-two project professionals enthusiastically responded with well-wishes and congratulations, and each provided a piece of really useful advice just for them. I’ve compiled all their thoughts right here in a tidy little volume.

This ebook is divided into four categories. There’s “Find Your Job” which offers tips on how to land a job that will take you where you want to go. Once you’re working, there’s “Find Your Project” which offers advice on how to get involved in your first actual project, whether it’s official or not. “Find Your Skills” provides great information on how to become a better project manager once you’re at it. Finally, “Find Yourself” offers suggestions on how to become the leader you know you were meant to be.

Fifty-two tips. One for every week of the year!

To the Durham College Project Management Class of 2014, I offer my biggest, squeeziest, hairiest hugs!!!! Congratulations, YOU DID IT!!!!

To everyone else, this ebook is a gift to my students but it’s a gift to you, too! Feel free to download it, read it, and pass it around. After all, this is a celebration


I’m a professor of project management at the college where I work. My students continually amaze me with their insights, passion and all-around awesomeness. I figure they deserve access to more answers than I can give them by myself. This site is for them.