Announcing the PM Visionary Series

Announcing the PM Visionary Series

Last week I published a fun article entitled What Do PMs Want From Software in 2011? I received a lot of positive feedback for this piece both on and offline. What I enjoyed most was including other community members and compiling their thoughts in one place.

In the days following the publication, I started conversations with various PM software companies, all of whom appreciated the feedback from the different PMs. Those conversations led to more e-mails and collectively we thought, how great would it be for these software companies to offer their own thoughts about what PM software should be?

Over the next several weeks, each Thursday I’ll be publishing the thoughts of a different vendor. In 1200 words or less, they’ll each be discussing their vision for their software. The question:

What was the vision behind your product when it was first conceived?
Has that vision changed?

These won’t be “marketing”-type pieces or feature wars. What we’re going to get are thoughtful commentaries about the forces that drove them to create the products they did. I’m very much looking forward to hearing their thoughts, and regardless of the end solutions they’ve created, I think their journeys will be very enlightening.

The following are the series participants (so far). Please help me welcome them by coming back every Thursday to hear what they have to say! (Hint: sign up to receive free updates and you’ll be sure not to miss a thing!)

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