@Task Stream: A New Way to Communicate on Projects

@Task Stream: A New Way to Communicate on Projects

Well. Since I started blogging, I’ve made acquaintances with many companies who make project management software. While I’m making some very good friends (you all know who you are and big hugs to you), I’ve tried to more or less remain neutral with all of them (which has been tough). I’ve turned down offers to allow posts to my blog for the purposes of promotion, and I plan to keep doing that unless I find a very compelling reason to change. I do keep my eyes open for what’s out there, though, and today I discovered @Task‘s release of Stream. I have to tell you I’m very, very excited.

AtTask Stream@Task is touting Stream as the world’s first social project management platform. They’re acknowledging what I believe to be a growing problem for project environments in a world that’s become so connected. Quoting from their press release, “taking a traditional top-down or command-and-control project management approach doesn’t work with today’s workforce, resulting in:

  • Project information that executives don’t trust
  • An overly structured management environment that people dislike
  • Frustrated project teams whose accomplishments often go unrecognized (*cough* achievements system *cough*)

Looking at some of their screen shots, you can see streaming updates in a Facebook-style interface that combines work in progress with what appears to be a pretty intuitive reporting interface. According to some of the comments, they provide an API for developers as well.

I think everyone should keep their eye on this space, as @Task is making a very bold move. If their efforts are accepted by their client-base, we may be headed for a radical shift in the way we communicate on our projects.

Ty, I’m watching you guys, and congratulations on this pioneering move you’ve taken! I wish you fabulous success with it!

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