Celebrate Everything!

Celebrate Everything!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ty Kiisel of @Task Software who mentioned Papercut Edge in a post listed in PC World Magazine and IT World Magazine. Ty’s been a wonderful supporter of this site (and me), and it’s a big deal for me that he finds Papercut Edge worthy enough to list on big magazine sites such as these.

Since I started writing in November, I’ve used this space regularly as a place to voice my ideas and opinions. There’s been fabulous response from all of you who have been reading and commenting. But you know, you wonder some days if all the writing and the tweaking and the designing and the fumbling your way through blog interfaces is worth it. It’s a lot of work!

Then you have days where you see posts like this from Ty on two major magazine websites, and you say to yourself, you know what? It absolutely is worth it.

Thanks, Ty, and thanks to all the rest of you who have contributed in the comments section, and on Twitter, or have just been reading in general. I am loving this journey and all the dialogue that goes with it.

*BIG HAIRY HUGZ* to all of you!!

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