Coming soon…Project Management in History

Coming soon…Project Management in History

Hi guys! As you know, I’ve been swallowed up by university. Who knew it was so much work? I wanted to give you the heads up that I’ll have some interesting stuff for you soon. I recently gave a presentation on the History of Project Management for my reading course. This wasn’t just some fluffy grade school primer about Henry Gantt’s techniques and systems thinking from the 1960s. When I say History, I mean it with a capital “H”.

I went back as far as the Giza Pyramid in Ancient Egypt. Working forward, I covered projects such as The Parthenon, Hagia Sophia, the First Railroad and many, many more. I took a look at these projects through the risk management lens, and performed over 103 qualitative risk assessments on various risk events I was able to identify across twelve major projects that shaped the course of history.

Those of you who remember my cheezy little Panama Canal short know this is a soft spot for me. It’ll take a bit of time to get everything together for you guys, but while you’re waiting, all the slides, along with my findings, are right here for you to take a peek at.

Cheers, hugs, and chat soon!

I’m a professor of project management at the college where I work. My students continually amaze me with their insights, passion and all-around awesomeness. I figure they deserve access to more answers than I can give them by myself. This site is for them.
  • You can say THAT again!  Oh, you DID say it again … you repeated your four paragraphs, for a total of eight.

    “You know how, in a blues song, you have to say everything twice?
    I mean, in a blues song, you have to say EVERYTHING twice. 
    ‘Cause it ain’t the blues once, just like one grain ain’t rice [guitar break] …”

  • Gee, Dave, could you have been any faster on the uptake? LOL I double clicked my “Publish” button by mistake and it did that. Hopefully it’s fixed now geez. ROFL

  • You popped up in Google Reader as I was finishing up my Sunday evening “Reader’s Digest” post.  I was happy to see a new post, dove on it, and … deja vu!

    You get a link, anyway!

  • WOOT! 🙂 Everybody lurvz links! 🙂 I cannot believe how insane the last six months have been. I knew finishing my degree would be tough but holy CRAP! LOL Anyway, once things are wrapped up over the next bit I’ll be publishing the full presentation as well as the white paper and hopefully it’s moderately diverting hehehe.

  • Finished your degree, passed the PMP exam on the first try, even got a decent hair cut – your invisible friends are all very proud of you!

  • Okay, dude, that was pretty much the most awesome thing anyone’s said to me all week! 🙂 Thanks tons!!!

    It’s not over yet either. I applied to a particular grad school but I’m not saying what or where until I hear whether or not I got in hehehehe. It’s been a crazy six months. Now if I can just get people to give me money so I can at least remember what it looks like! ROFL

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  • Slide 2: $400m – I hope that is your average salary per project!!

  • HAHAHA I *so* wish! ROFL No that’s the size of this one portfolio I managed once. LOL

  • PS Elizabeth I’m sorry I’ve been so AWOL. It was like one paper after another after another after another. And then exams. I’m feeling a bit more rested but geez for awhile there I was like a dead person up walking around!

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