Nine Destructive Behaviours Gets Props! Also, a Quote at the PMI

Nine Destructive Behaviours Gets Props! Also, a Quote at the PMI

BIG hairy hugs to Derek Huether!

Derek Huether of The Critical PathWhen I finished my series on destructive behaviours of project managers last week, Derek Huether left a comment suggesting I compile it into an ebook. I thought it was a great idea, and I’d been toying with the idea of an ebook for some time.

Since he made the suggestion, I thought it only appropriate to ask him to write a short foreword to the ebook, and he very graciously accepted.

Since then, he’s written about Nine Destructive Behaviours on his own blog, and I was absolutely thrilled to hear what he had to say. Head over to his blog, The Critical Path, and while you’re there, stop to check out his work supporting PMPs-in-training under the HueCubed moniker! Derek’s an awesome guy who’s seriously been around the block. If you’re not already subscribed to his blog, I’d suggest you do so for some awesome PM tips!

Geoff cited on the PMI website

In March of this year, Jo-Ann Sweeney called me up to talk about an article she was writing for the PMI website. She interviewed many seasoned project management consultants around the world, so it was an honour that she chose one of my quotes to include in her article.

PMI LogoFrom my perspective, I was focused on the bigger picture aspects of project management. “Vision speaks to people,” I said to Jo-Ann, in between bursts of small talk. “When your team knows the significance of their project, they’re more likely to have passion for it. You can use the bigger picture to help them focus and think about what is needed.”

I thought she did a great job putting her article together, and I think everyone should give it a read. Head over to 5 Essential Rules for Project Leaders. When you’re done there, pop over to Jo-Ann’s site and sign up for her fabulous newsletter!

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