More Papercut in the Blogosphere

More Papercut in the Blogosphere

Once again, folks around the web have referred to this site, and I want to thank them here.

On July 20th, Jo-Ann Sweeney published Enabling collaboration – the no.4 skill for project managers, she says, “in a collaborative environment team members support and encourage each other rather than focusing solely on their own tasks and responsibilities.”

She also cites Penny Pullan, Paul Rasmussen, Deanne Earle, and Adam Michaelson each of whom offer their take on collaboration.

In her July 27th article, she goes on to discuss Conveying vision – the no.5 skill for project managers. She says, “A clear vision helps team members focus on the big picture of why their organisation has invested in the project; alongside the more prosaic milestones, targets and deliverables.”

I really dug how she used my quote so I’m repeating it here:

To be empowering vision must be shared, it can’t be one person’s dream imposed on everyone else below them in the organisation. Sharing vision means more than persuading people to get onboard the vision bus; its about giving people space and time to help shape the vision so that there is a sense of team ownership.

This is also about giving permission for people to ask questions, propose new ideas, think through the implications and be creative.

“I’ve known project managers, some have worked for me, who are trained monkeys. They do what you ask and no more. Others focus on the outcomes and think about what is needed, they’re not limited by your skill as a project manager. With them the project is more successful,” said Canadian Geoff Crane, owner of Papercut Project Monitoring.

In this article she also draws on expertise from Adam Michaelson, Jhaymee Wilson, Kareem Shaker, Richard Olivier and John Kotter.

Over at CIOZone, Ty Kiisel referenced my recent article, “Is the PMP Losing It’s Value“. In his article, he challenges the PMI to “publicly demonstrate how their certification provides value to our profession and what they are doing within the industry to promote the professional image of project managers.”

Derek Huether of The Critical Path also picked up the PMP article, noting that “this year alone, new PMPs are averaging just under 4300 a month”.

Thanks so much, Jo-Ann, Derek and Ty for some awesome mentions!

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