Papercut guest blogs on Project Shrink!

Papercut guest blogs on Project Shrink!

Bas de Baar: The Project ShrinkI am absolutely honored this week to have the Project Shrink himself, Bas de Baar, permit me to guest post on his blog. I’m behind the times and only recently discovered Bas’ work.

For those who already know him, the man needs no introduction. For those who are new, let me summarize a little about what I like about his writings.

1) He’s hip. You feel cool just from reading his stuff. He pays attention to what’s trending, and always has an opinion.

2) He knows his stuff. Bas explains things, sometimes complicated things, in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand.

3) He’s relevant. He cuts right through the crap and hits issues at a gut level. You relate to what he says.

4) He’s a leader. Despite all his opinions on social media in a project context, he doesn’t lose sight of what’s important: people.

If you’re not already, subscribe to the Project Shrink Blog‘s RSS feed. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, Bas, for having me as a guest! It was a real pleasure.

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