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Twitter Madness with @PapercutPM

Twitter Madness with @PapercutPM

Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by from my Twitter page! Take a load off and have a cup of coffee, it’s great to have you!

I’m Geoff Crane, owner and chief consultant at Papercut Project Monitoring. I started Papercut because after almost 20 years running projects, programs and portfolios, I kept seeing:

1) Project data stores quickly becoming too obsolete to use.
2) Project managers basing decisions on inaccurate data.
3) Kamikaze PMOs deliberately getting in the way of a project freight train.

Papercut is about making sure project managers have the right data in their hands at the right time. We use and teach both strategic AND tactical approaches to data management and take the stress of administration away.

The site you’ve arrived at is my blog, Papercut Edge. Here you’ll find my usual rants and ramblings, but also free tools that you can take and adapt, video tutorials and presentations, and even free self-assessment quizzes you can take that might help you identify areas of improvement for your own projects! I’m always inventing new things and my blog is just the perfect place to put them–when I see people downloading or using my stuff, I get a warm fuzzy feeling that maybe something I did helped another person even if just in a small way.

I settled on “Edge” because I wanted to give my readers an “edge” as a way of giving back to the countless generous but fleeting people who have helped me along my career. If it weren’t for them, I’d still be selling pencils at the office supply store in my hometown.

If you haven’t already, please do follow me on Twitter. My other followers know I’m very chatty with anyone who wants to join in a conversation! Thanks again for visiting! I hope to see you again soon!