PM411 invited me to speak on his podcast!!

PM411 invited me to speak on his podcast!!

Ron HolohanI had the biggest thrill when Ron Holohan called me up and interviewed me for his long-running popular show, the PM411 Podcast. Ron’s a great interviewer and just kept making me laugh with his awesome questions.

I first encountered Ron when he tweeted about my blog. The tweet cracked me up so much I kept it and blogged it.

Ron spent some time with me ahead of the interview and sort of prepped me with what he might ask. That was very good because it kept me from sounding like I was recovering from being hit in the face with a pan. I actually knew what to expect.

His questions were really good ones and it was a challenge to stay up to speed with him. He’s obviously been around the block, and so have his listeners, so I really wanted to make a good impression.

Take a mosey over to the PM411 Podcast and check out

Podcast episode 060:
rats, snakes and complex projects with Geoff Crane

I hope you have as good a time listening to it as I did talking and laughing with Ron.

Don’t forget to subscribe to his podcast and listen to some of his other episodes. Ron’s very prolific and his other interviews are fascinating glimpses into other project managers’ minds!

PM411: How do you plan for rat and snake infestations on your project?
Geoff: You don’t. But it’s perfectly allowed to jump up and down and scream like a girl.

By the way, Ron, after all my years Forrest Gumping my way through one mess after another I pretty much adopted the approach, “if you can’t beat ’em…”

Holding a python on a break in Indonesia

...join em!!!

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