Geoff is Now a Featured Author for Projects At Work Magazine

Geoff is Now a Featured Author for Projects At Work Magazine

About two weeks ago, the editor at Projects@Work magazine, approached me to write featured articles for them. I was flabbergasted because I didn’t realize many people were actually reading my blog (although all your fabulous comments here should have led me to believe otherwise)! LOL Now get to spread my personal opinions and (probably long ago corrupted) thoughts with an even larger audience. I am simultaneously honored, thrilled and bursting with excitement! (I was also appropriately demure but seem to have thrown that out the window with this article! LOL)

I’ve agreed to write brand new exclusive opinions just for them every couple weeks, so please become a member (it’s free) to get my new stuff! 🙂

Projects @ Work MagazineFor those of you not familiar with them, Projects@Work magazine is a major industry magazine with a subscriber base of about 100,000 readers, and whose free newsletters reach about 50,000 project and portfolio management practitioners every week. It’s chock full of authors who are way smarter than me, and provides a tremendous amount of insight and knowledge to the industry.

So, to all you readers who’ve ultimately brought this opportunity to my doorstep through your continued support, I offer you a BIG HAIRY THANK YOU!!!

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