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  • Putting the “W” Back in “WBS”

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about a WBS and how to put one together. This is...

  • I’m Not Fat, I’m Thrifty: Project Communications

    Communications just fascinates me. Given that it’s something that all of us do every day, you’d think it’d be...

  • Inner Work Life and Project Teams

    So I want to introduce you today to a groovy new book by Harvard Professor Teresa Amabile and her...

  • Hostage Negotiation and Project Management

    So what does a project manager have in common with a terrorist negotiator? Well, if they’re both doing their...

  • Negotiations are Super Fun

    Negotiation is Never About You! Part 2

    This post picks up from my previous one on negotiations, and adds some more of my thoughts on the...

  • Evil Monkey Hates Negotiations

    Negotiation is Never About You! Part 1

    Okay, so yesterday I got a bit snarky and went on a terrible rant about poor Prince Humphrey and...

  • Prince Humphrey's Castle in Avonblechshire-upon-Stoakley

    For God’s Sake, Think About Others!

    This is the story of Prince Humphrey. Once upon a time in the fair Kingdom of Avonblechshire-upon-Stoakley there lived...

  • Project Management Visionaries: Acumen

    This is the sixth entry in the PM Visionary Series. I recently received an e-mail from Racquel Joseph, the...

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