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  • Putting the “W” Back in “WBS”

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about a WBS and how to put one together. This is...

  • I’m Not Fat, I’m Thrifty: Project Communications

    Communications just fascinates me. Given that it’s something that all of us do every day, you’d think it’d be...


    How Important is OTOBOS?

    OTOBOS is one of the fundamental tenets of project management. A project manager should strive to keep their projects...

  • Negotiations are Super Fun

    Negotiation is Never About You! Part 2

    This post picks up from my previous one on negotiations, and adds some more of my thoughts on the...

  • Prince Humphrey's Castle in Avonblechshire-upon-Stoakley

    For God’s Sake, Think About Others!

    This is the story of Prince Humphrey. Once upon a time in the fair Kingdom of Avonblechshire-upon-Stoakley there lived...

  • Non-Assertive People Aren’t Always Wimps

    The other day I wrote a response to Elizabeth Harrin’s post about measuring the success of project management training....

  • Project Management Visionaries: Crosspoint

    This is the third entry in the PM Visionary Series. Building this blog has been a wonderful experience, because...

  • Announcing the PM Visionary Series

    Last week I published a fun article entitled What Do PMs Want From Software in 2011? I received a...

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