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  • I Haz PMP!

    I Haz PMP!

    Well butter a cowpie and upchuck your beer, I just passed my PMP exam! And so my weekend from...

  • Updates and Stuff

    This post is for my regular readers who’ve been following my tribulations over the last few months. It’s been...

  • Google Plus Win

    Over the last few years I’ve become quite involved with social media. That’s great and all, but to be...

  • A Crazy Happenstance

    Okay, this post is for my regular readers who might think this was kind of nifty. As you know,...

  • The Ties That Bind

    I attended a funeral this weekend. It was for my father’s cousin at whose house I spent so much...

  • The Lazy Project Manager

    Every once in awhile you stumble across someone who’s done so fabulously well for themselves you want to reach...

  • Empathy Isn’t Just For Rude Doctors

    So as I’m diving into research for this workshop on developing empathy in project managers, I’m overwhelmed by Google...

  • The Curators of Creation

    The Curators of Creation

    When I was a child, there was wonder to be had pretty much everywhere. There was Santa Claus and...

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