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    How Important is OTOBOS?

    OTOBOS is one of the fundamental tenets of project management. A project manager should strive to keep their projects...

  • Remember CAPS for the big four EVM formulae

    Help with PMP Self-Study

    Before the knowledge I inhaled over the weekend evaporates forever and I’m left a shell of a man, I...

  • Master of the House

    On behalf of our clients, we work extra hard at developing creative solutions that would placate the orneriest of...

  • Team Building Makes Me Feel Dead Inside.

    So I’m going to go off the deep end a little bit today, and talk about something that really...

  • The Leader’s Barber Pole

    Leaders of all shapes and sizes know how difficult it is to keep their part of an organization running...

  • You're wrong. It's about ME.

    Why aren’t client objectives enough? Papercut Project Monitoring looks up the noses of stakeholder organizations and tries to fathom...

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