Talking Work Invited Me on Their Podcast!!

Talking Work Invited Me on Their Podcast!!

So last week I got to talk with Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan of AtTask software on their Talking Work podcast! It was really exciting! Ty and I have been corresponding for about a year now, and we’re total fans of each others’ blogs. So when he asked me to be on his show I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I hadn’t met Raechel before and was pleased to find she’s super groovy, and a lot of fun to talk with.

The Talking Work Podcast with Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan

I will admit to being completely nervous because I didn’t want to say something stoopid for posterity. But my hosts were really great and made me feel very comfortable.


Here’s a breakdown of the podcast episode so you can jump around at your convenience:

00:00 – 05:00 : Intro and geek fashion 🙂
05:01 – 07:59 : Raechel asks Ty about his favourite fruit…
08:00 – 09:59 : …and Raechel reciprocates
10:00 – 12:16 : Tips on using DropBox
12:17 – 14:44 : Thoughts on getting results vs. excessive planning

14:45 – 15:59 : Interview starts
16:00 – 19:29 : Ty asks me how I got into project management in the first place
19:30 – 25:24 : Ty asks for my thoughts on communicating with new people
25:25 – 29:00 : On “Team Building Makes Me Feel Dead Inside
29:01 – 34:02 : Raechel talks about building trust and working together
34:03 – 36:59 : Ty asks about stakeholder management
37:00 – 41:59 : The guys get me to PMI-bash 😉
42:00 – 45:09 : “How can you learn to improve soft skills?”
45:10 – 46:49 : Interview wrap-up

46:50 – 50:26 : Information about the WorkOut 2011 conference (and Ty’s getting a pedicure–creepy!)
50:27 – end : Raechel reviews the news!

Do subscribe to Talking Work, ’cause I think it’s great what Ty and Raechel are doing by getting so many PM voices together in one place. And if you can’t make the WorkOut 2011 conference on February 8th and 9th, do check out the live stream on their YouTube channel!

AtTask, if you’re not aware, has made Inc. Magazine’s Inc.500 list of fastest growing companies for three years in a row!

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