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Contrary to (very) popular belief, there is no clear recipe for getting a project done. There are lots of great practices that can significantly improve your chances, but they won’t help you at all if you can’t put them in their proper place. Being a great project manager takes so much more than the ability to maneuver spreadsheets, prepare status reports, and develop plans. Being a great project manager requires multiple, adaptive ways of thinking. It takes ideology and integrity. And it takes a whole lot of guts.

You won’t find anything directly project management related here. Many of the featured industry leaders I’ve collected for you have fabulous resources on project management that will keep you full of great information on latest practices, tips, and advice. Some of them even sell great products of their own.

In this store, you’ll find resources I’ve hand picked over the years, that will help you communicate better, hold your ground better, and lead your projects with real integrity, without feeling like a fraud (trust me, I’ve been there). This store contains books, electronics, movies, and even graphic novels that I believe every project manager should have in their arsenal.

I hope you find something useful.

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