Twitter chat on Lessons Learned. Great fun to be part of.

Twitter chat on Lessons Learned. Great fun to be part of.
  • #pmot: I got to be part of a Twitter conversation today that was so much fun I wanted to piece it back together and keep it for posterity. I only took comments from the Twitter public timeline. The discussion began with @flowchainsensei.
  • :
  • @flowchainsensei: Capturing lessons learned divorced from the work is waste and pointless.Integrate LL with the work eg A3s or TOC tools
  • @projectmgmt: those are new acronyms to me, I think, A3? TOC?
  • @flowchainsensei: Lessons Learnt A3 = Common approach to learning about the work in e.g. Toyota; TOC = Theory of Constraints (Goldratt).
  • @UnlikeBefore: needs to be taken seriously to be able to do it properly. capturing LL isn’t the issue, actioning them is. Easier/faster 2 file
  • @PapercutPM: you may as well throw captured LLs in the trash if there’s no index/retrieval on project start & subsqnt review
  • @PapercutPM: er, yah, what @UnlikeBefore said LOL
  • @PapercutPM: plans need to be designed around LLs, s/holders need to know them, and challenge plan deviations during status
  • @UnlikeBefore: u may as well throw LLs in the trash.. // File13, no wunda inexperienced PM’s r fuzzed by theory vs reality
  • @PapercutPM: ROFL it’s true. “yay here’s best practices” “ok now don’t do those”
  • @UnlikeBefore: plans need to be designed round LLs, s/holders need to know them & challenge plan deviations during status // eva seen that?
  • @PapercutPM: sure when its me doing the challenging, reminding them of the LLs and the s/holders ignore me and do what they want anyway LOL
  • @UnlikeBefore: exactly!
  • @PapercutPM: but it doesn’t mean i can’t click my heels 3 times and wish ROFL
  • @UnlikeBefore: ah yes, those ruby red slippers. I’m sure you look delightful in them too (snigger)
  • @PapercutPM: *hairflip* ROFL
  • @projectmgmt: I’m also thinking from a PMO perspective, what can those guys do re:LL? Go beyond facilitate and file but what
  • @PapercutPM: the pmo can archive and index LLs, and become a great source of expertise! but it depends on how they’re used
  • @PapercutPM: unfortunately PMOs get kicked around a lot and often aren’t incorporated well into a project
  • @AmbidexterMan: Good discussion you #pmot guys have on LL. And to thinks it’s not even Friday. ;-0 We need more focus on PPM and less PMP 😉
  • @AmbidexterMan: Agree As @unlikebefore said, capturing is not the issue, applying is. Expereince trap?
  • @PapercutPM: i came from the “sink or swim” school of project management. rofl no pmp here for me
  • @UnlikeBefore: snap!
  • @PapercutPM: “sink or swim” formula to project management … success = (Xanax) + (JD) + (memorize all the lines to Forrest Gump) + (take the beatings)
  • @projectmgmt: no pmp here 4 me > ha thought it said pimp! Thanks for the tweets
  • @PapercutPM: oh dear no i’m far too old and fat to pimp successfully 😀 they’d hit me and i’d cry
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